Our Partners


The acquisition of this agency has allowed us to introduce high-quality manufactured goods in a market that is traditionally focused on new machines and technologies.

Ichikawa has always been a leader in the production and innovation of belts for shoe-presses. By partnering with us, the company has now achieved a relevant position in the Italian market of shoe-press covering.

Ongoing product development and attention to quality, supported by a solid customer service, have turned this partnership into a sound asset for the company, and an important business card, especially in terms of the references in terms of customer portfolio and performance track records.

Ichikawa has its main offices and production headquarters in Japan, but also has over 20 branch offices and sales agencies in Europe, America and Asia.

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Our partnership with Solenis derives from their acquisition of the polymer production plant located in Krefeld (Germany) that used to belong to Degussa GMbH thenbecame Ashland and now taken over by Solenis. Over 25 years of experience with polymers and specialty products in the Krefeld site added to the product portfolio from Hecules make this business relationship a fundamental strategic base for the growth of paper chemical specialty products on the Italian domestic market.

The integration and collaboration between the two structures is rendered even more effective by mixing Ashland and Agency distribution, delivery and logistics, allowing for constant growth over time, both in terms of market shares and in terms of the number of applications in the various types of paper produced in Italy: tissue, graphic design paper and packaging. Both sales networks cooperate and collaborate to reach shared objectives, and meet customer and market demands.

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A market leader in the production and sale of flexographic printing inks and glue for the paper converting industry.

Kapp-Chemie GmbH, which is a part of the Stockmeier Group, has chosen as its corporate motto “Improve the Best”, to underline its objective, in the development, production and distribution of a vast range of chemical products for paper production and converting.

Our collaboration with this German company, an industry leader, began in 1998 and allows us to provide our customers with water-based flexographic printing inks and a system of concentrated glues, ready to use or coloured, for the tissue converting industry.

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