Our logistics office is the heart of the company, where customer orders and order to suppliers are managed in real time.

We have our own vehicles at our disposal, which means we can guaranty rapid deliveries for our customers.

We have established relationships with foreign customers and suppliers and can ship products the world over.

We handle ADR goods and have vehicles suited for their delivery, both tanker trucks and covered lorries.

In addition to selling products, our company dedicates a part of its production of softeners and coagulant substances for the treatment of waste water and process water handled by our warehouse. The finished product is certified by the laboratory, which will release it for delivery to the end customer only after a close and accurate control. All of this, even on short notice.

All the goods we handle are accompanied by the relative technical and safety documentation (which may also be provided in English).

Our staff speaks English and Spanish and is always ready to listen to your needs and requests.

+ Espandi


Our company has always invested in technical support, implementing laboratory analysis services in addition to providing our customers with on the field technical services. The continuous training and updating of our technical experts and flexibility in providing both analysis and installation services make Ecoverde a unique company, that does not limit itself to merely selling specific chemical products.

Know-how in a variety of applications of the paper industry, combined with an in depth study of how best to treat process waters, make our company a point of reference in for resolving problems that paper manufacturers must deal with on a daily basis.

Standing out from the competition is a corporate mission, especially in the face of demanding challenges.

+ Espandi