We work with the best suppliers of products for the production and processing of paper and tissue.


Ichikawa is at the forefront of the production and innovation of shoe-press belts.

Its headquarters are in Japan, however, it has more than 20 affiliated offices and sales agencies throughout Europe, America and Asia.

This collaboration has allowed us to introduce high quality products in a market that is increasingly attentive to machinery and technologies.

Continuous product development, attention to quality and timely provision of services make this collaboration key to ensuring excellent customer service and top performances.

Kapp-Chemie GmbH&Co

Kapp-Chemie is a leading German company in the production and sale of flexographic inks and converting glues.

Its mission is to “Improve the Best”, which translates into the development, production and distribution of a range of chemical products for paper making sector.

Thanks to this important collaboration, which began in 1998, we offer several quality products, such as water-based inks for flexo printing, as well as concentrated, ready-to-use and colored glues for tissue converting.


Solenis has been a leader in the paper making industry since it acquired the polymer production plant located in Krefeld, Germany – previously owned by Degussa GMbH and then Ashland.

Our collaboration is made even more effective by a combination of coordinated distribution, delivery and logistics services on behalf of Solenis.

Our mutual sales facilities work together to achieve common objectives, such as satisfying the needs of our clients and the entire market.


Our corn starch business partner.

ADM is a well-established company that fully commits to sustainable development, the environment and quality of life. They select their suppliers based on compliance with ethical, safety and business standards.

ADM offers a full range of native, cationic and dextrinized corn-derived starches for standard mass and surface applications within the paper making industry.

ADM is currently developing technologies to improve mechanical properties, using specific technologies to increase the performance of starch, both in terms of wet-end and surface.

In the converting sector, ADM can provide not only products but also technical assistance to customize the preparations and optimize the gluing processes.


Founded in 1842 in Germany, Bellmer is an international company that designs, produces and implements high-tech engineering machines.

Bellmer has two divisions, Paper Technology, which focuses on machines for processing paper, cardboard or special fibers (including the installation of production lines or individual products of the TurboLine line),

and the Separation Technology division, which specializes in water and sludge treatments, including the design and customization of systems and new products for water cleaning, as well as for separation of liquids from solids and sludge pressing for maximum dryness.

Bellmer’s qualified and motivated experts follow and support every request of their partners around the world, providing innovative solutions that contribute to the achievement of business objectives.