Check out our range of products for converting. Thanks to our in-house laboratory, we can support our clients in choosing the shades of printed color and the type of fabric softener to be applied on tissue paper.Our laboratory is equipped with specific tools to customize our clients’ products, such as adding softness or shades of color.Clients can check what the finished product will be like in real time.

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A range of glues for various production phases of tissue products: pick-up glues, laminating glues (white and colored) and tail tie glues. All the ingredients used to make our glues can be in indirect contact with food, moreover, all our glues are completely water soluble, which allows us to easily reuse converting waste within the paper factory.

Flexo inks

A wide range of inks for printing on tissue paper, which includes the four basic colors and all the other shades of the Pantone. All our water-based inks comply with EN 646 and therefore are perfectly safe.

Glue inks

A line of concentrated inks to add to lamination glue for embossing-glue printing. In 2020, we introduced a specific type of ink (used in combination with an additive) to be added to water for “water-bond” printing. All our concentrated inks contain only organic pigments suitable for indirect contact with food.

Softeners and lotions

Various types of softening products, suitable for roller, spray and Weko applications, which are ideal to give the final product softness and increased “bulkiness”. Depending on the markets and needs of our clients, we can also customize softeners with lotions and/or perfumes, making the resulting formulation unique.

Water-based lubricants

A line of 100% biodegradable water-based products, designed for the lubrication and cleaning of embossing and marring rolls. These products (suitable for indirect contact with food) are a very effective and eco-friendly formulation, especially if compared to traditional mineral oils.