Check out our specially selected lines for the paper production phase. Thanks to testing (either on-site or at our internal laboratory), we can help our clients find the most suitable product for the type of problem or issue at hand.

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Retention and Drainage

The most comprehensive range on the market. It includes microparticle treatments for both paper formation and drainage, as well as products that improve drying and in turn optimize machine productivity. Through dynamic laboratory tests, we support our clients in the choice of treatments.


A comprehensive product portfolio, including chemicals designed for all foam-related problems of paper factories, but also specific solutions for deaeration, abatement and to prevent foaming.

Contamination control

A product range designed to control and treat contaminants in paper making cycles. Thanks to specific tests, we identify the possible origins of contaminants (organic, inorganic, hydrophilic, lipophilic, etc.) and use appropriate products.


A selection of biocides for treating and preventing the formation of deposits and dirt of biological origin. Our solutions also include organic biocides, as well as oxidizing and weakly oxidizing treatments.


A range of high quality dyes suitable for every type of production, both basic and direct (anionic and cationic, liquid and powder). Thanks to specific instruments, which can be used both on-site or in our laboratory, we can identify the most suitable dye, depending on the type of production and needs.

Water treatment

Environmental regulations are increasingly restrictive, therefore the correct treatment of water and sludge plays a key role in the management of paper making factories. Our product portfolio includes coagulants, flocculants, polymers for sludge dewatering, as well as antifoam products and nutrients. Laboratory testing allows us to assist our clients and help them manage water and sludge treatments, as well as biological plants.

Yankee Coating

Monolucid treatment consists of the dosing of a series of products to detach paper from the Yankee cylinder using creping blades, which ensures correct chemical and mechanical protection. Our protectors, strikers, modifiers and release agents protect the cylinder, ensuring handling treatments suitable for every production request.

Machinery and Clothing

We supply systems and machinery, such as screw and double canvas presses, thickeners and rollers for sheet improvement. We also provide high quality Belt and Transferbelt for shoe presses used for forming and transporting paper sheets.

Dry and wet resistance

A full range of additives for dry and wet resistance, such as starches, CMCs, cationic and anionic resins, polyvinyl amides and enzymes.