Added value

Twenty years of experience and problem solving have contributed to creating a wealth of know-how on the field that allows our technicians to quickly assess and solve issues, indicating the right treatment to be applied in any circumstance.

Our laboratory can also test and develop products for converting lines, such as softening lotions, or specific scents for all needs, in compliance with current regulations in force and capable of meeting the needs of an increasingly demanding product marketing.

System start-up simulation tests (de-inking pulp mix) may be performed for machine manufacturing customers, thereby reducing system start-up times.

Release tests

The services provided for the tissue converting industry include the possibility of performing release tests, in compliance with EN646:2006 standards, thus allowing for an immediate feedback as to the conformity of decorated products to be commercialized. Furthermore, colour shades and intensity may be reproduced, if requested by the customer, even for glue inks.

Industrial ink tests are monitored by our specialised personnel at customer facilities, also carrying out on-site modifications to optimize the efficiency of formulations.

Laboratory tests

The lab is equipped with the most modern instrumentation (DFS – JarTest) to test process and waste water and sludge treatment polymers.

We may also carry out laboratory analyses aimed at optimising treatments on auxiliary services such as cooling processes, vacuum pumps, etc.

Particular attention is focused on the analysis and control of deposits, especially as regards the microbiological activity of paper converting machines. In this sense, microscope analysis has proven to be an indispensible tool in identifying possible issues.

The company has invested not only in instruments and equipment, but also in training and professional qualification, creating a vast know-how and thereby reducing response times to even the most complex and problematic of issues.